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Healthy Eating


Earlier this Spring I had the good fortune to join my friend Mia Moran on her podcast Plan Simple Meals.

Mia’s mission is to help busy moms create healthier, happier homes starting with their mealtimes.

I always love connecting with Mia because I feel that our passions are very similar. We both want to empower people to take responsibility for creating a life that they can live to the fullest and feel really good about!

We had such a great conversation during the podcast. Mia asked fabulous questions and we touched on a lot of topics both food and non-food related.

Why Healthy Eating is a Priority

One of the questions Mia asked is why healthy eating is a cornerstone of my Custom Built Life™. I shared with her a story about an “a-ha” moment I had years ago. It is a story about what I was at the time teaching my kids about food. And let me tell you – it wasn’t a good lesson!

Mia and I also discussed the changes I made after that a-ha moment and why those changes were so important to me.

It’s about More than Food

Now I understand that you may not be in a place where you want to change your eating habits. Maybe you already have a very healthy diet, or you have tried every eating plan in the book and you have sworn off ever listening to eating advice again.

But even if that is the case, I highly encourage you to listen to this podcast. Even though some of our discussion was geared toward food, overall it was more of a conversation about creating your Custom Built Life and how to deal with the challenges that crop up during that journey.

Mia asked me how I set the priorities for my life and how I manage those priorities in the face of external pressure. We discussed the importance of clarity and how to reach that place of clarity in the first place.

Listening to the podcast after Mia posted it I realized that through her questions she really helped me share a snapshot of what my Custom Built Life looks like and how I traveled the path from my “before” to the “after” that I am living now.

So whether you are just starting to be interested in the concept of creating your Custom Built Life, or you are on the journey to do it for yourself, or you are simply curious about what life is really like in the Rowan household, I think you will find this podcast interesting!

You can listen to it here or find it on iTunes.

And while there, subscribe to Plan Simple Meals so you never miss an episode. In each show Mia shares informative conversations on food, family, and valuable strategies to make meals meaningful and fun!

I want to publicly thank Mia for inviting me to be on Plan Simple Meals. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together!

More about Mia

Mia Moran is a best-selling author, speaker, and wellness advocate. She helps busy moms find the foods that make them feel on top of their worlds, and create systems to pull that food together for their families on a daily basis. She is passionate about creating a community of like-minded parents who are committed to transforming their homes (she believes those parents will change the food landscape of our world). She is wife to her high-school sweetheart, and mom of three amazing kids. If you would like to learn more about her and how she helps moms you can visit here.

Your Assignment

After you listen to the podcast, come back here and share in the comments below a question or two that you wish Mia had asked me. Your questions can be related to food and my journey to healthy eating or any of the other topics we discussed. What do you wish to know that I haven’t talked about yet?

I will answer all of the questions that get posted. And who knows, maybe your question will end up being the subject of my next video or article!

Stacy and Dave

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