Success Stories

Michele SciortinoAs the famous hymn goes, “I was lost but now am found,” so goes my experience of exploration and discovery through the Custom Built Life program.

My muddled thoughts, wishes and fears related to my personal goals have now been replaced with goals that are organized, action-oriented, and most importantly, realistic and achievable. I feel more prepared and confident to reach my goals and flex my priorities and actions as needed.

Specifically, I have greatly improved my ability to set personal boundaries. Now I feel more in control of my life and less like it is controlling me. Failure is not an option and achievement is now driven by a “Yes I can” attitude.

I am happy to share my experiences and respond to any questions anyone may have who is interested to learn more about my Custom Built Life experience.

Michele Sciortino

Custom Built Life has changed my way of thinking – it’s that simple. After working with Stacy for over 6 months, I look at life with a perspective of infinite possibilities. She helped open my eyes to the box that I regularly put myself inside. For example, working with Stacy helped me take chances and be bold in my career when I otherwise wouldn’t have and the results have been amazing! I now have more support from my employer which is really helping me to advance my career goals.
Stacy also walked me through a process that is helping me make meaningful improvements in my life. One, I’m finding a peace with where I am by identifying and removing the things in life that are adding stress. These are little items that would eventually be dealt with, but they seemed so significant without a plan to tackle them. The simplest example is securing our financial future on a limited budget. Even more important than that was realization that I was hiding my feelings around personal wants and needs instead of communicating them with family and friends. After Stacy broke down the walls of nerves, I was able to express my thoughts in ways that may not have been ground breaking for some, but were earth shattering for me! She also taught me to acknowledge the activities that bring joy in my life and helped me to love my hobbies again. Specifically, I feel comfortable painting more and recently had one of my finished pieces auctioned off for $300!
Let’s face it - it’s a journey. That is the other key perspective Stacy opened up for me. My Custom Built Life will likely change a million times as I take the next step on the road. And it’s ok to be messy with our plan; the key is to have a plan. And Custom Built Life is instrumental in MY blueprint of an ideal life.

Lacey Dellinger

Before working with Custom Built Life, I had all sorts of ideas about what my dream life looked like, but had no real vision on how to build it. With so many goals around family, health, wealth and career, it was easy to get stuck in paralysis by analysis and simply continue on my existing path.

Working with Dave in the Custom Built Life program – through a high value, high impact mix of 1-on-1 phone sessions, exercises and on-going email exchanges – gave me the clarity I needed by providing me with a decision-making framework to help me sort through and identify the specific areas within my life on which to focus.

Before my work with Custom Built Life, my goals were unclearly defined, “Someday maybe I’ll…” statements. Now, my goals within family, health, wealth and career are measurable, actionable and specifically support the custom life I am building.

One of my goals is to land more public speaking gigs and since completing the Custom Build Life program I have had more and better speaking opportunities coming my way. I recommend the Custom Built Life program without hesitation to anyone looking to build their dream life!

Mark Mangano

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your words of encouragement. You always seem to tell me not what I want to hear but what I need to hear. You say things that resonate and make a difference. Thank you so much!


You have an incredible wisdom that speaks to a person or a situation – a special ability to look at a person, situation, or idea and speak wisdom and truth into it. This is rare and important. Keep speaking up.


Success Stories

As the famous hymn goes, “I was lost but now am found,” so goes my experience of exploration and discovery through the Custom Built Life program.

Michele Sciortino