Making Good Decisions


When it comes to the direction of your life are you making good decisions? Can you distinguish between what is a good decision and what is a not so good decision?

In the second video of this four part series I shared how to create a life plan. The value in creating a life plan is getting clear about where you want your life to go and what is important to you in your life.

While this clarity is very important, its true power comes when you take action on that clarity.

Step 3 in the process for how to turn your life around is all about action.

(If you missed the first three videos in this series you can find them at these links –  Video #1, Video #2, Video #3. )

Making Good Decisions

Watch this 5 minute video to learn what Step 3 is and what it has to do with making good decisions.  

Living Deliberately

When you are living deliberately you are making decisions about your life based on what you define as important in your life plan.

You know the pros and cons of each decision and have thought about how the decision will impact each area of your life spelled out in your Life Balance Blueprint™.

There may be times that a decision that feels good does not take you toward the vision you have for your life.

That’s okay.

It is not important to always decide to head toward you vision. In fact, a decision that feels good and takes you in a different direction might be an indication that it is time to review and revise your Life Balance Blueprint.

What is important is that you make conscious decisions.

What is important is realizing if the decision is good for you or if you are being swayed by someone else’s definition of what makes the decision “good”.

What is important is you taking an active role in guiding your life towards a vision that makes you feel excited, enthusiastic, and joyful.

What is important is you embracing life and living it fully instead of hiding out from it, coasting through it, avoiding it, blaming it, or hating it.

Your Assignment

Now that you know all of the steps in the process for turning your life around commit to getting started today.

Write down each of the steps and keep the list where you can see it frequently.

Find people who you feel are already building and living their Custom Built Life™ and allow them to inspire you to take action.

Reach out for support if you need it.

Once a week, or once a day, list what steps you took toward creating the life you described in your life plan.

Do this for yourself and for the people around you.


Stacy and Dave

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